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 You are looking at a visualization of our cosmic footprint: including the 54K registered spacecrafts, satellites and debris currently roaming in the Solar System. 

Soon, you'll have signals, probes on extrasolar trajectories, and more...

You know about Javascript ?

Join the task force !

What is this precisely ? Here above is proposed a prototype visualisation of the man-made objects in the solar system, as extracted from the GCAT database.  While semi major axis, excentricity and inclination are extracted  directly from the catalog and considered trustable, the missing orbital parameters (epoch, OM, W, MA) have been randomized to allow for visualisation. This is to be considered as a work in progress.

Generation spaceships, and settlements for bacterial colonnies ? -> We will attempt at providing a very basic color coding of the probability survival of spores or bacterial colony, onboard those man-made objects.

Where does it all come from ? -> Soon, by clicking on the Earth Button, you'll have a map of all lanch sites on Earth

Wait ! The pioneer and voyager probes are missing !!! -> Yes ! I'll have these online soon ! Their hyperbolic orbits make them harder to plot...

And those signals we are sebnding to the stars ? -> Zooming out, you'll be able to localise the 30+ intentionnal signals we've sent up to now, travelling across the galaxy. The local environment will be extracted from GAIA DR3 database.

Where are we with reference to large scales ? -> Expanding out again, you'll come accross galaxy clusters through the no-feedback horizon, the event horizon and the eventualy the CWB, the limit of the observable universe.

The table below describes the objects loaded in the player right now

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