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2021 The society for astroethics, proposes to include theological views, and ET ethical frameworks.

Type: Space Ethics Community Date Founded: 2021

Relevance: An organisation promoting an ethical approach to "intelligent extraterrestrial life", and proposing to cope with potential extraterrestrial ethical frameworks. Within the considered scheme, theological references are found.

Description: "Astroethics is the branch of ethics that concerns itself with considering, discussing, and interacting with intelligent extraterrestrial life in a moral and altruistic manner. Drawing from philosophy, theology, history, and law, it is the goal of astroethicists to develop a framework of thought regarding intelligent extraterrestrial life that takes into account other ethical systems that may be found throughout the galaxy rather than viewing it solely through our Earthly lens. "

The website is developed by Christopher Johnston, J.D., Astroethicist, Director of The Society For Astroethics

Some thoughts: This entry seems to be more a one person website than a community. and appears as inactive since its creation in 2021. Interestingly, it proposes a definition for astroethics, given above.

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