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Welcome to, an interdisciplinary  Research Group investigating the ethical implications of the expanding power provided by space technologies, at the largest scales of time and space.

“We are prioritizing our research on concerns related to decisions and actions, taken today, which behold the potential to have effects, significant with respect to the scales and content of the local cosmos. “


“shouldn’t we now care about our impacts, at the larger scales of time and space?"

Large scales ?

Large scales, in our context, means scales at or beyond our species, our biosphere, our stellar system, and up to the largest scales of the observable universe.

Our approach differentiate from cosmism, transhumanism, and longtermism, as it is non partisan regarding the future path to be taken, and the values to be followed. We concentrate on facts and logical paths, and do our best to avoid any "-ism-" in our approach. Our purpose is to explore the existence of the question itslef, methodically and scientifically, and to propose paths towards its responsible assessment at the global level.



Scientifically evaluate the question of our cosmic footprint. Initiate a fruitful interdisciplinary approach and establish guidelines for future work. If pertinent, seize the governance.



  1. Produce of a White Paper, on ethics at large scale / cosmic footprint

  2. Should a convergence be confirmed, produce of a Manifesto urging for the global governance to seize the question of our cosmic footprint.

  3. Should its necessity be confirmed, draft a project “International Panel on Ethics at Large Scales / Cosmic footprint”, which could be proposed to ISSI as an ISSI international team the following year, and as a seed for an United Nation Panel, to the UN.

  4. Should its necessity be confirmed, draft a project “Registry of anthropogenic impact beyond earth”

// Being evaluated:

  • Should its necessity be confirmed, propose amendments for a fruitful review of the space treaty

Meet The Research Group



Prof. Dr. Roger-Maurice Bonnet, astrophysicist, Honorary Director, ISSI


Prof. Dr. Anouk Barberousse, full professor, philosophy of science, Sorbonne University, SND


Noemi Giammichele, postdoctoral fellow in astrophysics, IRAP/CNRS

Capture d’écran 2022-12-13 à 08.41_edited.jpg

David Boulesteix, PhD student in exobiology, working on the identification of life on Titan and Europe (NASA Dragonfly and Europa Lander). LGPM - Centrale- Supélec.


Adrien Normier, aerospace engineer, airline pilot & PhD student in philosophy of science, Sorbonne University, SND. Working on ethics at large scales.



Dr. Asmaa Boujibar, assistant professor of planetary science, WWU

JCW_HR_700 (1)_edited.jpg

Dr. Jean-Claude Worms, Executive Director of COSPAR, former CEO of European Science Foundation, involved in planetary protection, space weather, coordination with the UN, and sustainable space exploration.


Prof. Dr. Claudius Gros, physicist, developer of GENESIS, Goethe University Frankfurt

Capture d’écran 2022-12-13 à 11.13.51.png

Dr. Jacques Arnould, Ethics adviser, CNES. PhDs in history of science & theology.


Dr. Shannon MacKenzie, planetary scientist, JHUAPL, w/o:Titan, Enceladus


Valentin Degrange, research fellow, IESD, working on Space Law, and Space governance


Yéléna Esslinger, Ph.D candidate in space law, sustainability of outer space, University of Bordeaux


Douglas Vakoch, Ph.D., President of METI, an institution dedicated to transmitting intentional signals to nearby stars, as well as fostering sustainability on multigenerational timescales.


Oskari Sivula, doctoral researcher in Philosophy at the University of Turku. Working on space, environmental and intergenerational ethics


Claude Nicollier, Astronaut, EPFL


Dr. Louis de Gouyon Matignon, CEO Gamma Space, developing solar sails & CEO Toucan Space, developing launch solutions & PhD in Space Law.


Dr. George Profitiliotis, Postdoctoral researcher working on transdisciplinary applications of futures studies in the search for extraterrestrial life. National Technical University of Athens.


Dr. Baptiste le Bihan, Philosopher of science & physics. University of Bern.


Dr. Anders Sandberg, Senior Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford.

2023-06-05 12.39_edited.jpg

Dr. Koji Tachibana, ethics, associate professor of philosophy at Chiba University, Japan.

Purpose of this website:

Host the work of the interdisciplinary group on large scale space ethics. Become the very entry point on large scale space Ethics on the web. Host a newsletter curated by scientists, to keep to updated regarding the relevant milestone on large scale space ethics. Maintain a database organised as a Timeline, allowing at tracking the main events in the history of ideas and of technological developpement, contributing to the development of the question. Once the structuration of the subject is considered mature enough, and if of confirmed necessity, seize the the global governance regarding the existence and importance of  our collective responsability at large scales.

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