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2018-A music festival signals Earth to a very close habitable exoplanet. Everybody is happy about it

Date: April 2018

Fact: "In Partnership with METI, a Music festival sends engineered signals to GJ273b, a potentially habitable exoplanet, 12.4 light years from Earth."

Relation to the subject: such a message is potentially threatening entire biospheres: ours, obviously, should there be an alien "Cortez" on the other side, but theirs, also. Indeed, the simple information of the existence of extra-stellar beings bear the potential of destabilising a civilisation, as it would obviously do down here. More, not speaking of probes or "invaders", potentially sent to us as a reply, simple data exchanges may contain computer viruses, technologies, or informations by themselves capable of destabilising our civilisation.

Some thoughts about this: Earlier messages had targets so far away that these were merely philosophical manifest by themselves. The Sonar Calling message has been thoroughly engineered, and is targeting specifically a potentially habitable planet, a planet so close that a feedback - should it be inhabited - could be received within a generation.

  • A message in the name of mankind and the entire terrestrial biosphere, has been sent to a potentially habitable planet, escaping any form of control, by a music festival

  • There is no limit apparently, nor global indignation, to messages sent by a few individuals, in the name of us all.

  • There is no limit apparently, nor global indignation, regarding the distance to which such messages have been sent.



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